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White Price[NZD] Bottles
Bay Breeze $22.00
2016 Sailors sky Rose $22.00
Sparkling Sailors Sky $25.00
2017 Sauvignon Blanc $22.00
2016 Pinot Gris $25.00
2015 Oaked Chardonnay $25.00
Red Price[NZD] Bottles
2014 Chambourcin $22.00
2015 Dolcetto $32.00
2015 Syrah $28.00
Pheasants Walk $18.00
Port Price[NZD] Bottles
Tawny Port  $28.00
Walnut Liqueur  $38.00
White Port  $22.00
Ruby Port $25.00
Spirit Price[NZD] Bottles
Clear Grappa  (Not available for Vintner's Dozen) $28.00
Golden Grappa  (Not available for Vintner's Dozen) $38.00


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